Chroma Fabric Collection by S. Harris

From the moment we learned their names as children, colors have been some of our simplest and greatest pleasures of life on earth. We have used color as a way to communicate, creating a sense of place and belonging, while expanding our notion of what’s possible in this world.

For most of history, the colors used in art, design, and the decoration of interior spaces were intimately tied to the natural world. We learned to make color from what we found in the environment, using extracts from plants and minerals to adorn our clothes and chart the stars.

Just when we think we know the ins-and-outs of what color can do, it surprises us, transporting us to new levels of awareness.

We created the Chroma collection to bring forward a group of performance fabrics and wallcoverings inspired by the intersection of color and the cosmos, where contemporary design is rooted in ancient wisdom.

These pieces are inspired by the spirit of bridging internal reflection with external realities, guiding our sense of wonder and lighting the path forward.


S Harris Chroma Collection


S Harris Chroma Outdoor Collection

Alongside Chroma comes our first-ever collection of indoor/outdoor performance fabrics. These designs embody strength and beauty, offering a sumptuous, quiet elegance and the versatility you expect from S. Harris. Now combined with top-of-the-line technical ability, these timeless pieces welcome whatever nature brings, rain or shine.