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Ink Resistant Technology

Writer’s Block is a proprietary ink resistant technology for faux leather that offers the highest level of cleanability. With its repel and release stain-inhibiting system, Writer’s Block prevents ink, indigo denim dye, and other tough stains from setting into the material and allows for easy cleaning.

Writer’s Block also offers excellent cleaning of other tough food and healthcare stains including Mustard, Coffee, Red Wine, Iodine, or Blood.

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A Faux Leather that Performs

Writer’s Block is designed to perform in every way,
meeting or surpassing all ACT standards.

  • Polycarbonate Polyurethane surface - for 7 week Hydrolysis resistance.
  • Durable surface structure for extreme abrasion resistance.
  • Anti Bacterial and Anti Microbial protection.
  • 200 Hours UV resistance
  • Engineered brushed polyester knit backing, minimizing puddling issues that could occur with PU fabrics.


Feels Good. Looks Great.

Writer’s Block is available in a multitude of patterns designed and colored for use in multiple environments from Hospitality, Residential to Healthcare. Unlike most other ink-resistant surface finishes, Writer’s Block is not glossy or sticky, giving the material a pleasant natural appearance. It boasts a soft and supple hand, making for a comfortable seating experience.

Faux Leather that Endures
Healthcare Environments

Healthcare interiors—whether doctor’s offices, hospitals, or nursing homes—all get their fair share of messes to clean up. Be it iodine, blood, other bodily fluids, none are too dirty to handle for Writer’s Block, and can all easily be wiped away. As importantly, materials with Writer’s Block are engineered to withstand bleach (20%), alcohol (70%) and many commonly used soft surface disinfectants.

Get Creative! But Not on Your Furniture

Writer’s Block offers unparalleled resistance to graffiti and ink marks. The proprietary repel and release technology is engineered to repel ink preventing it from setting in, allowing any remaining residue to release over time.

  • Simply clean ink marks with a dry cloth. If some stain residue is still present spray it with a 70% dilution of isopropyl alcohol and wipe clean.

Those Skinny Jeans Look Fabulous on You!
Not on Your Upholstery.

There’s nothing quite like that perfect pair of jeans. But nothing stains quite like indigo denim dye either. Apparel manufacturers and retailers go as far as tagging labels on jeans, warning that indigo dye may rub off onto light colored upholstery. Your jeans, while flattering on you, are the bane of your furniture’s existence.

  • Writer’s Block creates an invisible barrier to indigo dye, allowing for the stains to be removed. Any (unlikely) dye-transfer can be removed by cleaning with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

You’ll Have to Leave Something Else to Remember You By.

The lighter the color of the seat, the more likely a PB & J sandwich will land face down on it. Likewise, mustard, coffee, or ketchup will inevitably find their way onto the seating as well. Now they’ve met their match. Writer’s Block prevents even the most notorious of foods from staining the upholstery.

  • Easily clean food spills with a dry cloth. If stains have dried and are persistent, remove them with mild soap and water.


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