Bella-Dura® Performance Goes Leaps and Bounds Above the Rest.

What is Bella-Dura? High-performance fabrics that inherently resist piling, staining, or fading, making them ideal for any design application - indoors or out.

Solution Dyed. Bella-Dura is solution-dyed, meaning color is integrated into the very fiber - allowing heaving cleaning without fading.

Exceptionally Durable. While acrylic fibers are prone to piling and abrasion, Bella-Dura proprietary yarns are not. Tested to the highest abrasion standards, Bella-Dura fabrics perform well beyond expectations. Every time.

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Bleach Cleanable. For most spills, a mild soap-and-water solution is all that is required, but Bella-Dura fabric can be safely cleaned with bleach - a crucial detail in settings where regular cleaning and disinfecting are of the utmost importance. Simple Cleaning Instructions:

  1. Apply the cleaning solution
  2. Rinse with clear water
  3. Blot with a clean, dry cloth
  4. Air dry
  5. Repeat as necessary

Sustainable. Fully recyclable, Bella-Dura proprietary yarns begin as a by-product and end as a usable product for the manufacturing of many common good. For further information on Bella-Dura's recycling program, click here.

Microbe and Mildew Resistant. Bella-Dura inherently resists stains and microbes. In cases of mildew growth due to dirt, bleach cleaning will not harm the fabrics.
Fade Resistant. Bella-Dura yarns meet or exceed 1500 lightfast hours, and the fabrics will resist fading, even when exposed to hot sun or dry temperatures.
Award Winning. Bella-Dura fabrics finished with Greenshield have achieved C2C Silver Certification, are the product recipient of a Legacy Leader Award from the C2C Products Innovation Institute, and multiple BOY Awards from Interior Design magazine.
Warrantied. Bella-Dura fabrics come with a five-year warranty for residential use and three-year warranty for contract use. Warranty information can be found here.
Made in the USA. All Bella-Dura yarns are sourced and dyed in the US, and the fabrics are proudly woven in a family-owned mill located just 30 minutes outside of New York City.
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