FuturLiberty is an exploration of the unexpected in the Liberty Archive, resulting in a reinvention of Liberty Fabrics inspired by and celebrating the artistic movements of Futurism, Vorticism and a century of avant-garde. 





Liberty Fabrics collaborated  with renowned couturier and interior designer Federico Forquet to curate this collection of interior fabrics. Neapolitan born, Forquet's career began when he moved to Paris after being scouted by the legendary fashion designer, Cristóbal Balenciaga. He learned the craft of couture under this disruptive visionary before turning his attention to the world of interiors. 




Starting with an exploration into the archive, which houses over 50,000 designs spanning from the 1800s to present day, the designers were drawn to the experimental work of famed Liberty designer, Bernard Nevill. FuturLiberty takes cues from Nevill's love for 20th century avant-garde art, incorporating the visual language of the Italian Futurists and their English contemporaries, the Vorticists. 





These reinterpreted archive designs appear with a refreshed intensity and loud optimism, with newly created designs featuring dense brush strokes, delicate lines and playful collage. The subtle textures and details from the artwork have been carefully translated into a beautiful array of woven, embroidered and printed fabrics. From surprising geometrics, lively abstractions and rhythmic lines, this innovative Interiors collection combines the designer's artistic sensibilities with expert craftsmanship.

The FuturLiberty collection is now available through Fabricut.