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Simple. Layered. Relaxed. Modern Boho.

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This room was designed to showcase some of Fabricut’s warm, textural, and tribal items. we wanted to create a modern boho living space with earthy-neutral tones and layered textures.

By using clean, modern furniture pieces alongside a classic sofa profile, we were able to incorporate many different textures and patterns into this one room - creating a cohesive and relaxed space. 

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Bright. Chic. Fresh. Feminine.

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With this room we wanted to create a bright, fresh, and feminine take on a breakfast nook. The ikat pleated shade helps to tie all the colors together and create something that feels current yet timeless.

While we wanted to incorporate some trendier elements into this design, we also wanted to create a space that was useable and bright. 

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Warm. Inviting. Textural. New Traditional.

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The objective of this room was to create an inviting, new traditional environment. The tone of the room leans Southwest, but the muted red and blue colors could work in almost any environment. 

We love how this design featured warm tones and textures but is inspired in a new, unique usage by framing the design around the desert-inspired colors. 

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